Repurposed Writing – Making Money From What You Write

Repurposing your writing can drive profits through the roof, if you know where to post your information, how to sell it and what to do with it once you’ve repurposed the content you create. Of course article marketing can be a big part of that process. 3 – 4 paragraphs of content can be expanded to create an ecourse that lasts a whole month, one paragraph at a time. Or a longer article could be expanded to generate an entire coaching program.

Within this discussion about repurposing or getting more from your writing, I want to expand on something that has been mentioned. You need to think strategically about the topic or topics where you have passion. Are you writing or teaching on some subject with some consistency? Maybe you are writing articles for magazines or blog posts on a particular subject. Can these articles become reprints? Can they become articles that you market online and connect back to your personal website with traffic? Can you connect the articles to a free Ebook that you give away and use that free Ebook to build your email list?

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