How be a Highly Paid Article Writer

What can you do to become a top-end, highly paid article writer for hire? The answers are listed below, and most likely easier than you might think!

  1. Know how to write well.  Competition in the article marketing industry is tight. You’ll have issues with breaking into the field if your writing style isn’t top of the line, better than the next best guy. Be a quality writer, know grammar and punctuation. It’s no longer an industry where, just good enough will get you by.
  2. Present information in a fun-to-read, interesting format that captures the readers attention and provides valuable content. Know your stuff – then write it like you know what you’re doing. Don’t put the reader to sleep before they get to the best part of the article. Give them meat up front .
  3. Know your readers. As an article marketer you must know your niche, understand what they’re looking for and give them what they want. Provide for ALL their expectations and meet their needs. They’ll never forget you.
  4. Find a mentor. Having a mentor in writing makes all the difference. Once you have a writer in your genre who cares enough to show you the ropes, you not only GET IT – but you GET IT at a profit. The fastest way to make a profit from your writing efforts is literally to have someone show you how to do that.
  5. Be unique. If you’re providing the same content as every other author out there, your content will lack freshness. It will be boring to read – over. You’ll suck at writing it. And nobody will remember to read your stuff, they’ll be looking for the original article content.
  6. Write search-engine friendly content. SEO is such an important part of writing, without NEW content, optimized for search engines, your readers won’t find what you’ve written. Write quality content with high-optimization and you’ll be found, well read and profitable.

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