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Where do you share what you write?

On a blog? On a website? In books sold on Or from your spiral notebook? Sometimes I have authors who want to start a blog, but they don’t know where to post what they write, and they don’t want to buy a whole domain… They just want to write somewhere so they can show their friends what they’re doing. I have a solution for those writers. Sub a blog. Writers who wish to have … continue

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Repurposed Writing – Making Money From What You Write

Repurposing your writing can drive profits through the roof, if you know where to post your information, how to sell it and what to do with it once you’ve repurposed the content you create. Of course article marketing can be a big part of that process. 3 – 4 paragraphs of content can be expanded to create an ecourse that lasts a whole month, one paragraph at a time. Or a longer article could be … continue

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Writer for Profit – Expert Writer Generates High-Value Content

No matter how often people approach a professional writer to create content for pennies, the professional writer must refuse. In those early days of creating content, the temptation was there to accept lower paying jobs, because at least they were paying jobs. I refused. It took a few months for the strategy to pay off, and eventually, I even accepted a few of those low paying jobs, because I was tired of starving to put … continue

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How be a Highly Paid Article Writer

What can you do to become a top-end, highly paid article writer for hire? The answers are listed below, and most likely easier than you might think! Know how to write well.  Competition in the article marketing industry is tight. You’ll have issues with breaking into the field if your writing style isn’t top of the line, better than the next best

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Are You an Article Writer or Rewriter?

By Lisa A Mason The quality of an article is based on the credibility of the content it is comprised of. The quality of an online content article writer is based on originality, creativity and the ability to share information in an understandable way that the reader not only benefits from, but is glad they took the time to read.

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